Reasons (other than fashion) to Dress Your Dog

Of course canine couture is fun, but sometimes clothes for your dog are more than a fashion statement - it can be functional.


Your slender, short-haired Italian Greyhound isn’t designed for harsh winters. Short-coated small dogs need help keeping warm, even in moderate climates. If you’re going to be outside in the middle of winter, it matters that your dog is in a warm coat. Sure, it’s fun if the outfit is adorable, but the bottom line is that your little dog needs help keeping warm.
Even long-coated dogs can sometimes use some help. Pomeranians were bred down from real sled dogs and they still have the thick winter fur to prove it. But, small animals lose their body heat much faster than big dogs do.
Because warmth matters, you’ll want to be sure that you find coats and sweaters that are well-designed and made from materials that actually help keep your little guy snug on a blustery day.

Worried Dogs

Lots of dogs worry. There’s more to worry about when you only weigh 5 pounds (2,2kg) and the cat is bigger than you are. If your little dog is a bit shy or something of a nervous Nellie, dressing him in clothes can actually help relieve some of his anxiety.
Why? Having his body wrapped sends calming signals to your dog’s nervous system. Just like newborn babies are tightly wrapped in their blankets to make them feel secure, simply putting a T-shirt, sweater or dress on your dog can make him feel calmer, too. Even better if the T-shirt says something like ‘I’m A Famous Star’ (Paparazzi Hoodie PA-HD009) or I’m A Sloppy Kisser (Kiss with Love T-shirt PA-TS147).

Dogs Like Attention, Too

When you ‘re wearing a fabulous party dress, people come up and compliment you. After receiving such positive attention, you’d probably wag your tail (if you had a tail, that is). The truth is that all of us like attention when we’re dressed up and your dog is no exception. Most dogs love to interact with people and clothes are conversation starters. If your little princess is wearing a Fly-Me-To-Your-Heart T-shirt, a matching necklace (Metallic Heartwings Necklace) and a Sweetheart Angelwing hairpin, she’ll have fun when people stop and tell her she’s precious. If your little dude is wearing a Leopard Ears Jogging Suit or a Hug Me Striped Hoodie, he’ll have a ball with all the people who can’t resist smiling at him and petting him. Having fun with your dog is always a good thing and dressing up your pet in fabulous fashions is definitely a way for the two of you to meet new people.

[From: The Little Dog’s Beauty Book by Deborah Wood]
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