Colour Guide: What Colour is Your Dog?

Did you ever wonder why Yorkies look good in red and a blonde Chihuahua is pretty in pink? Colour analysis is the answer and it took the human fashion world by storm a while back.
The concept is simple. The colour of our hair and skin determines what clothes look best on us. Our palettes are divided into Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn.

What colour is your dog? Here’s a summary of the colour chart by season.


Hair: golden brown, red, auburn or chestnut
Eyes: dark brown, hazel or dark green
Typical breeds: Brussels Griffons, Pomeranians,
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Papillons

The Autumn palette includes:

  • Neutrals: off whites, warm beiges, warm browns from light to dark, camel, gold.
  • Mustard, pumpkin, terra cotta, rust, peach and salmon
  • Orange, orange-red, tomato red
  • Lime green, yellow-green, moss green, grayed green, olive green, jade green, forest green
  • Turquoise, teal blue, dark periwinkle blue

Jewelery: Gold


Hair: black, ash black, brown
Eyes: blue, brown, hazel or green
Typical breeds: Affenpinschers, Scotties, Yorkies,
Poodles, Miniature Pinschers

The Winter palette includes:


  • Neutrals: white, light grays to charcoal gray, black, taupe, navy
  • True blue, royal blue, turquoise, royal purple
  • True green, emerald green, pine green
  • Hot pink, magenta, fuschia, burgundy, blue-red and true red, Icy green, icy yellow, icy aqua, icy violet, icy pink, icy blue

Jewelery: Silver


Hair: golden blond, golden brown or red
Eyes: blue, blue-gray, blue green or light turquoise green
Typical breeds: Pugs, Pekingese, Bischon Frises, Maltese

The Spring palette includes:

  • Neutrals: ivory, light to medium beiges, light to medium browns warm gray and navy
  • Violet, periwinkle, true blue, aqua and turquoise
  • Apricot, peach, salmon, corals warm pink, clear bright red, light orange and orange red
  • Pastel to bright yellow green, golden yellow and clear gold
  • Icy green, icy yellow, icy aqua, icy violet, icy pink, icy blue

Jewelery: Gold


Hair: ash blonde, light ash brown
Eyes: blue gray or blue green
Typical breeds: Chihuahuas, Shih Tzu, Chinese Crested Dogs

The Summer palette includes:

  • Neutrals: soft white, rose-beiges, rose-browns, blue-gray, navy
  • Powder blue from light to medium, periwinkle, aqua, blue-greens from light to deep
  • Blue pinks from light to medium, watermelon red, blue-red, burgundy
  • Lavender, raspberry, soft fuschia, plum and lemon yellow

Jewelery: Silver

Of course, it’s a little harder with dogs than with humans! After all, how many humans come in spots? Still, it’s fun to think about and to experiment with which colours look best on your dog,
Whether your dog is fabulous in fuschia or best in burgundy, just have fun with it. We all know that what really counts most is that you adore your dog – whatever the season of his fur, or the season of his life and you know that your dog feels the same way about you.

[From: The Little Dog’s Beauty Book by Deborah Wood]


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