Style Guide for the Well-Clothed Canine


Fashion is fun and your four-legged family member now has a choice of looking funky, flirty, flashy or fabulous.
Fashion is all about personal style and since no one has more personal style than your dog, take his personality into account when deciding what he should wear.


When most people think of dressing their dogs, they think of frilly pink bows and dresses. These types of outfits will just not do for the cool metrosexual male dog. Sure, he wants to look great, and he has a wonderful sense of style, but he doesn’t want to look like a pretty princess. Happily, now there are lots of clothing choices for your little male dog. He no longer has to look like a babe – so don’t make him. Here’s a sampling of some male dog personalities and some ideas for what each of them might want to wear.

The Alpha Male


This guy would be President if he had a chance. Think Arnold Schwarzenneger or Bill Clinton. This isn’t about size and muscle, it’s about charisma – a larger-than-life personality who waltzes into a room. Men want to be his friend and women find him charming.

The Alpha Male can wear anything; he likes campaigning and being the centre of attention. Give him a fun T-shirt or even a hat – just don’t make him wear pink.

He might enjoy wearing: Ivy Chic Sweater, PA Vintage Cardigan, Star Bone Leather Collar.


The Protector

The Protector is the ultimate “Man” dog, even if he lives in the body of a Chihuahua. The protector lets you know who’s at the door and he’d lay down his life to protect you. Some protectors have a sweet side, too. They’ll lend their favourite toy to your cat if she’s feeling woozy from surgery. Dress the protector in finely made, but simple clothes – he needs to protect his serious image.

Consider the Military Mad Fatigues, I Paw Retro Hoodie or Diva Broach Soft Harness.

The Surfer Dude

He is a typical ‘dude’ – laid back and friendly. He’ll give you his bone if you ask for it. He’s gentle with littler dogs and avoids the tough dogs at the dog park. Dogs with this ‘hang loose’ personality will look good in a sleeveless T-shirt - Little Pirate Striped T-shirt; I Love Mom T-shirt- or a sporty hoodie – Hug Me Striped Hoodie.
Cowabunga, dude!


The Scamp

This little guy is looking for a good time. His only regret is that you need to be 21 to get into the best clubs. This dog wants the attention, so the sky’s the limit when deciding what to dress him in. But do make sure he’s always on a sturdy (and fashionable) leash such as the Silver Star Collar and Silver Star Leash, because he’ll be off in a flash, chasing cats, squirrels or that adorable Toy Poodle down the street.

He will enjoy hanging out in a Flashdance Jogging Suit or Denim Diva Jeans.


Just like your metrosexual male, your little girl has her own personality type. She can run the gamut from sweet and demure to powerful and demanding. Luckily there are clothes to match her every whim!

The Princess

The Princess is a girly-girl. Somehow, she manages to stay tidy even when she plays at the beach. She likes to wear clothes that show off her adorable eyes and fabulous fur. Dress your Princess in anything pink –Ballerina Babe Dress; Milano Dress or Miss Priss Diamond Dress for feeling-fancy-days or the Polkadot Princess Dress for ready-to-wear and everything with a heart-shape or butterfly - Sha-la-la Headband; Refined Butterfly Wing; Monarch Angel Bow or Pink Princess Crown Hairpin. She loves being carried in style, so consider the Shiny City Carrier or the Polkadot Bowling Carrier.


The Diva

The Diva is the dog in charge. She wants things her way and she’ll let you know when you’re doing things wrong. An Elegant Girlish Cape for  chilly days or classy animal print – Safari Elegant Dres; Pets in the City Carrier - is always appropriate for the Diva. For the active Diva, consider the Paris Diva Jogging Suit or the Luxury Velvet Jogging Suit.

 The Earth Mother

This little lady is dedicated to taking care of everything and everyone. She’s a friend to all: The Princess and the Diva appreciate her steadiness and puppies know she’s a safe haven in any storm. Buy this madame something elegant but simple – Pitter Patter Lacey T-shirt; I Love Mom T-shirt; Perky Polkadot Dress; Summer Sizzle Polkadot Dress - you just know she’d never spend that money on herself!


The Tomboy

This sassy lassie likes action. She runs the agility course in no time flat and plays with the boys at doggie day care. She wants clothes that allow her to move, move, move! Plenty of cute sporty clothes- Training Mini Skirt; Denim Diva Skirt;  PA Vintage Cardigan; Little Pirate Striped T-shirt and plenty more are available that can take lots of rough-housing and still look good.


[From: The Little Dog’s Beauty Book by Deborah Wood]

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